Color Tuning Makes LED Lighting More Like An Old Friend

By: Portia Higgins Monday July 25, 2016 comments

As LED lighting and controls become more commonplace in the workplace and the home, the next frontier is color tuning. Incandescent lighting suffered from being inefficient, but it delivered color and warmth that made people feel comfortable. LED lighting has traditionally been associated with monotone, albeit efficient light. But new technologies allow LED color to be adjusted, either in terms of white point, full color, or both, almost infinitely to deliver the perfect color temperature for any application. Meanwhile, solid-state lighting (SSL) technology has evolved in terms of better LEDs and luminaire architectures to deliver high-quality light at the color temperature of choice.

There are three predominant color-tuning techniques, and in this article we'll explain how they differ, and where each is most applicable:

• Dim-to-warm tuning

• White color tuning

• Full color tuning

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Published on:June 9, 2016

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