LEDynamix X7 Touch Panel<br>RGB / 3 Color Controller<br>Four Zone Control<br>Wifi 2.4G or DMX Compatible<br>DC Input CV/CC/DMX Lights

LEDynamix X7 Touch Panel
RGB / 3 Color Controller
Four Zone Control
Wifi 2.4G or DMX Compatible
DC Input CV/CC/DMX Lights


X Series controllers (X1-X8) are wall-mounted LED controllers, widely used for commercial/office/household lighting, workable for dimming, color temperature, RGB and RGBW control. 

Controller: X7 - DC Light Four Zone Controls Input Voltage: 110V Wall (Driver Included) // 5V Input // Micro USB Input
Compatible Lights: DC Input CV / CC / DMX RGBW Lighting Output Signal:  Wifi RF 2.4GHz // DMX512 (Wired AND Wireless DMX)
Family: LEDynamix X Series Height: 5.75 in / 146 mm 
Number of Zones: 4 Zone Control Width: 4.17 in / 106  mm
Max Devices Per Zone: 9 Devices Depth 0.71 in / 18 mm
Controllable Features: On/Off, Brightness, Speed, Mode, Scene-Mode, Saturation, Zone Selection, Touch Circle, Static Red, Static Green, Static Blue, Static Yellow, Static Purple, Static Cyan, Static White, RGB Jumping, 7 Color Jumping, RGB Smooth, 7 Colors Smooth Warranty 3 Years
Color White